Business Events

Let your company and brand shine

Our team at Landhuis Chobolobo is ready to create an exceptional event for you. Our mission is to offer personalized attention with gracious hospitality and service. Let your company and brand shine through an event organized at our historic and charming mansion.

Business events

Cocktail Parties

Want to organize a holiday party or celebrate a milestone? Perhaps you have a product that you’d like to launch? Or, you’re simply looking for a place to organize your weekly or monthly company happy hour. Our Courtyard, with its eye-catching bar and modern-rustic design, is the perfect place for any business-social gathering. Our cozy and relaxing atmosphere will set the mood for your event and make it a memorable moment for all your guests.

Business events

Cocktail Workshop

Surprise your colleagues with a fun and interactive cocktail workshop at the Curacao Liqueur Distillery, home of the Genuine Curaçao Liqueur. Our cocktail workshop is a good team-building activity or outing. The cocktail workshop starts with a tour through our distillery with a tasting of our various fine liqueurs. Afterwards, our skilled bartender will train you and your group to make amazing cocktails. One thing we can assure is that your group will have a lot of fun.

Business events


Wouldn’t it be a unique experience to give your business presentation inside the actual distillery of the Curaçao Liqueur? The Curaçao Liqueur Distillery provides a beautiful historic setting and will give your presentation a unique touch. It will definitely leave an impression on everyone!

Business events

Fairs & Concerts

Both our Garden and Square are large enough for big events like fairs, festivals, and concerts. Our Garden holds up to 1500 people and thanks to its charming vintage look it’s the ideal place for any type of fair or festival. The Square, holding up to 2500 people, is the perfect space for a concert. With the mansion as a backdrop, at both venues, your event will maintain character and charm.

Business events

Promotional Gifts

Give your business partners a special gift to remember. Our mini Senior Curaçao Liqueur bottles are a piece of Curaçao history and a tasteful local craft product. Our Senior Genuine Blue Curaçao is a favorite of many and there is even the possibility to brand your gift.

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